[KR] [EP12] Aug 11th & 18th 2015 Patch notes

Aug 11th 2015 Patch notes 1. Change screen layout Change the button to access main menu to “MENU” button Add new button to show the Character Inventory and Character Information “N” icon will be shown on Character Information / Character Inventory on any updates (new items, new stats…) 2. Drops for some dungeons have been […]

[KR] [EP12] Jul 7th, 14th and 21st 2015 Patch notes

Jul 7th 2015 Patch notes 1. Black Waves, Monster Arena, Battlefields have been changed to integrated schedule for all 2. Changed the time slot for Black Waves At 8:00 | 16:00 | 20:00 | 24:00 everyday 3. Changed the time slot for Battlefields 30 minutes before the Black Waves, players can register for Battlefields Forgotten […]

[EP12] [KR] Jun 17th – 30th 2015 Patch notes

Jun 17th 2015 Patch notes 1. If players were dead in Monster Arena and do not have Premium Resurrection Stone, resurrection UI is displayed with option: Resurrection to the nearest point: Go to town Bug fixes: 1. Fixed bug that caused error after the timer of resurrection UI was over when characters were dead in Monster […]

[KR] [EP12] Jun 16th 2015 patch notes

1. Add new content: Monster Arena Character with level 10 or above can enter 1 time a day at anytime Monster Arena can be entered by clicking on the button at the top-right of the mini-map Depends of character level, stages setup will be different, for more details, player can talk with NPC After each […]


Patch Notes for 1.3: The Trial of Champions: Modified Content User Interface update for CABAL 2 Labyrinth Forest: Black Wave entries has been increased to 3 entries per day (Up from 2 entries) Effect speed of Quest Tracker has been increased Crafting System has been overhauled (see Added Content for more information) Bind status on […]

[KR] Jul 28th & Aug 03rd Patch notes

Jul 28th 2015 Patch notes Bug fixes 1. Fixed bugs that caused Force Shielder of Northwest Cartel recover abnormal amount of 2. Fixed bugs that caused the EXP needed for leveling up in certain situation did not apply normally 3. Fixed bug that caused unable to click on the message that show expiration of items 4. […]