[Fun] How did they create BGM for CABAL 2?

Have you ever wondered how did they create those wonderful Background Music for games? And about CABAL 2? How?

Let’s take a look on the studio where they records BGM tracks for CABAL 2. Dip yourself in a classical space of music and sounds.



9f2e152442a7d933874f208aad4bd11371f00185 12bbd5fc1e178a82de26b859f603738da877e84b 778c8aef76c6a7ef3cc26cdffdfaaf51f1de6685 a5b7dc5c103853433cd440d89313b07ecb80884ad38b77224f4a20a4e6f9f83e90529822700ed086 f3ba78d0f703918f33cafa33513d269758eec44a

Photos are from blog of ESTSoft 🙂

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